Pro teams avoiding Trump hotels

Pro teams avoiding Trump hotels

The Washington Post reached out to all teams in those three leagues and the NFL (that's 123 teams altogether) and found at least 16 no longer stay at Trump hotels while on the road.

Trump took to Twitter to personally call out Stephen Curry, while uninviting the Golden State Warriors to the White House, even though much of the team has already confirmed they weren't going anyway.

The Trump SoHo hotel in New York City used to be a favourite for visiting National Basketball Association teams.

While NFL teams typically don't stay at luxury hotels like Trump's due to their massive teams and support staff, other teams do.

Trump singled out Steph Curry earlier this year, un-inviting the Warriors star to the White House after Curry told reporters he did not want to go.

It's reasonable to assume, then, that some of these teams made similar calculations, and pulled out of Trump's properties at least partially because of the president's demeanor.

Not sure if you've been following U.S. politics over the last couple of years, but...

As one team estimated, it previously spent around $20,000 per night in rooms and food at the Trump Soho.

And in an interview with Sporting News, Bucks forward Jabari Parker said he was "proud" not to stay at Trump properties. "I don't support someone who endorses hate on other people".

Trump has become embroiled in several feuds with professional athletes in recent weeks, particularly with NFL players who have knelt during the national anthem to protest racial inequality. "He's attacked everything that I am and believe". The boycott he's promoting doesn't seem to be picking up any steam - the same can not be said for how his presidency is affecting his businesses. The trend started before Trump denounced football players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem.

Some Trump properties have continued to do well since his election in November, but according to an Associated Press report, his golf resorts in Scotland recently saw losses double to around $23 million as revenue dropped sharply.