Drug czar nominee, Rep. Marino, withdrawing his name

Drug czar nominee, Rep. Marino, withdrawing his name

President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning announced that Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) withdrew his name from consideration to be Trump's drug czar following a report from the Washington Post and CBS News revealing that Marino pushed legislation that made it harder for the DEA to stop shipments of opioids.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that he would "look into" a report that his nomination for drug czar championed a law weakening the Drug Enforcement Administration's capacity to slow the flow of drugs that have fueled the country's opioid epidemic.

Trump's remarks came amid widespread reaction across the political spectrum to a Washington Post/"60 Minutes" investigation that Marino was a key lawmaker in supporting the bill that sailed through Congress previous year with virtually no opposition.

Marino was nominated last September as drug czar.

The Post and "60 Minutes" reported Sunday on the 2016 law, which weakened the Drug Enforcement Administration's authority to stop companies from distributing opioids.

"The American people deserve someone totally committed to fighting the opioid crisis, not someone who has laboured on behalf of the drug industry", Schumer said.

"He was a very early supporter of mine, the great state of Pennsylvania", Trump said.

The Post reported Sunday that Marino and other members of Congress, along with the major drug distributors in the US, prevailed upon the DEA and the Justice Department to agree to an industry-friendly law that undermined efforts to restrict the flow of pain pills that have led to tens of thousands of deaths.