MFD supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

MFD supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Caravan has called for citizens and residents in the UAE to become involved with their programme of breast cancer awareness activities it has drawn up for October. However, fundraising is just one aspect of fighting breast cancer, informing others about the need to undergo screening and to conduct regular self-examinations is equally as important, especially for the group highly at risk of developing the disease, which is women over the age of 40 years. By raising awareness, the hope of the Woodinville Fire & Rescue family is more women will get involved in early screenings and thereby catch breast cancer in early stages when it is best treated.

"Everyone was so supportive", she said. They warned me that the lump might be something and I had a feeling that it was too'.

According to the American Cancer Society "Cancer Facts & Figures 2017", an estimated 3,320 women in Louisiana will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 620 will die from the disease this year.

Opened in 2015 on The Square, the centre supports women in the Wessex area. She also shared her professional experiences with the audience. She said: 'It was so peaceful and everyone was really lovely.

'The Haven offered me relaxing therapies and emotional support, all free of charge, which helped me to get my confidence back and become a stronger person.

"It's been a long time in the making and a lot of people put their time and effort into it", she said.

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