It's Damn Good to See David Letterman Back On TV

It's Damn Good to See David Letterman Back On TV

David Letterman returned to late night TV for the first time since retiring in 2015, appearing on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! taping in Jimmy's hometown, Brooklyn, New York, and caught Jimmy and his viewers up on how he's been spending his retirement.

"By the way, for the objective of this conversation, I have nothing but the highest regard for all of the talk show men and women, even Jimmy Fallon", Letterman said.

Letterman said his ultimate takeaway is that "no good deed goes unpunished".

"I don't hear anything about it, until he shows up on "Late Show" and now he's lost his mind", he said. "Conan will not shut up about the horse".

But in a weird twist of events, Letterman received a letter from Conan saying his wife actually loved the horse and wanted to keep it since she's an equestrian. "I'm thinking he's giving me a vintage Porsche", Conan said.

Of course, the successor to David Letterman was not Jimmy Fallon but Stephen Colbert, who had a rocky start but who helped take the show to #1 in the ratings partially due to his focus on politics and on criticizing Donald Trump. When asked if he misses it, he replied, "Some I don't. Because the great struggle in life is to be better each and every day, and if you take a look around the horizon of humanity, my God, is there anything we can do big or small to make the life of just one person a little bit better, and that's no small accomplishment".

During the interview, David also discussed his upcoming Mark Twain Prize for American Humor ceremony, what he misses about late night television, and his in-the-works Netflix show.

Watch the full interview below.