Google Doodle Celebrating Hole Punch 131st anniversary

Google Doodle Celebrating Hole Punch 131st anniversary

It utilizes a lever and spring framework to enable the client to fix up and punch gaps with barrel-shaped edges through stacked sheets of paper easily. Google had been holding the Google 4 Doodle competition every year since 2010, till the hole punch doodle this year. It credits the invention of the hole punch to German inventor Friedrich Soennecken. Be that as it may, as tablets and cell phones make the presence of paper itself less and less significant, it stays to be seen what the future may hold for the paper punch. Soennecken was the son of a blacksmith who founded his own company, F Soennecken Verlag, in 1875. Besides the hole puncher, he invented a binder and a special nib for ink pens that are used for calligraphy. The speciality of this invention is that its basic design has not changed in over 129 years. Newer iterations of the machine are also used for more creative purposes like decorative purposes like making confetti. Later hole punch was patented by Benjamin Smith, who named it "Conductor's punch".

The hole puncher employs a lever and spring system to allow the user to line up and punch holes with cylindrical blades through stacked sheets of paper easily.

In 1992, Bernadette Chenard, a professional paper-craft-artist who formerly used leather punches and standard hole punches to create shapes from paper, was exhausted of the sound of the hammer pounding on the paper and the difficulty in achieving professional results.

Another type of hole puncher is the single hole puncher, which is primarily used to punch tickets. That apart, despite moving towards an increasingly digital era, the hole puncher remains as relevant today as it was when it was invented 131 years ago.

To celebrate the 131st anniversary of that filing, Google has created an animated doodle that demonstrates the joy often associated with a successful punch.