Tom Hanks makes surprise appearance on Last Week Tonight finale

Tom Hanks makes surprise appearance on Last Week Tonight finale

In his final show for 2017, John Oliver revisits some of the most embarrassing and obnoxious moments of the Trump presidency over the past year. Oliver cited Trump's antagonistic tweets toward North Korea's Kim Jong Un as an example of trolling behavior. He went on to show a transcript of a Trump speech about Iran as a disembodied voice expressionlessly read the text.

John Oliver obliterated Donald Trump for 24 straight minutes on last night's "Last Week Tonight" season finale.

Oliver noted that the notion that both Trump and other elected officials are resorting to these harmful tactics means it is more important than ever to be able to identify them, so the public can hold elected officials accountable for their actions. In his look back over at Trump's first year in office, Oliver looks at the norms that Trump has broken-like never releasing his tax returns, hiring his daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House, and never putting his companies in a blind trust-as well as his transcripts.

"We are going to spend our hiatus snaking information through our catheter cowboys", Oliver said, revealing that the cowboy ads, created to educate Trump on various issues, would air over the next few months on Fox News. The commander in chief turns to reveal that he is Oliver's favorite Warren G. Harding figure, and he is soon joined by the figures of Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, William Henry Harrison and Jimmy Carter when Hanks suggests this "isn't a one-man job". Nevertheless, Tom Hanks is the inspirational figure we only wish could lead all of our past presidents on a world-saving mission. Hanks says with grave intensity in the fake trailer.

Tell us what you think! Hanks concludes, "Gentlemen, let's go wax these bastards".