ASEAN Summit: PM Modi holds talks with Japan, Australia and Vietnam counterparts

ASEAN Summit: PM Modi holds talks with Japan, Australia and Vietnam counterparts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the gathering at a reception for the "Indian Community in Philippines" hosted by Indian Ambassador in honour of the Prime Minister, in Manila, Philippines.

In the documents, the member countries of the influential grouping including India strongly resolved to work together in containing terrorism, extremism and radicalisation by taking a series of measures including choking funds to the groups involved in such activities.

"Glad to meet President Trump again", said PM Modi at the outset of the press brief.

"Terrorist ideologies have spread across continents", he said. "I look forward to a befitting culmination of the commemorative year and receiving you at the India-ASEAN Special Commemorative Summit on 25 January 2018 in New Delhi", he said. Since its inception in 2005, it has played a significant role in the strategic, geopolitical and economic evolution of East Asia.

"President Duterte had several bilateral meetings last night, including with Japan, ROK [Republic of Korea/South Korea], India, and Russia", DFA spokesperson Robespierre Bolivar said in a statement.

In an address at the ASEAN-India summit, Modi identified terrorism and extremism as the major challenge facing the region and said time has come for the countries of the region to join hands to collectively deal with it.

"We are committed to curtailing the threat of terrorism and violent extremism through information sharing and law enforcement cooperation, including through our Southeast Asia Aviation and Border Security program, as well as strengthening data exchange with Interpol", it added.

He noted the ASEAN and the European Union are already developing anti-terror cooperation through information sharing via Interpol and Europol and the exchange of best practices on dealing with violent extremism. Separately, the ASEAN issued a declaration to contain cyber crime. He said the task of transforming the country is proceeding at an "unprecedented scale".

Since 2005, the annual meeting of leaders of 18 countries, including 10 ASEAN member states and eight dialogue partners, serves as a forum for dialogue on broad strategic issues of relevance to East Asia as well as other regional and global issues, focusing on areas such as worldwide terrorism, energy, infectious diseases, sustainable development and poverty reduction.