Jon Stewart Addresses Louis CK's Sexual Misconduct: 'Could I Have Done More?'

Jon Stewart Addresses Louis CK's Sexual Misconduct: 'Could I Have Done More?'

Stopped on the street by TMZ, Stewart said he agreed with HBO's decision and insisted that "not everyone in Hollywood is a scumbag". You always find yourself back to a moment of, did I miss something? I try to think of it in terms of-I've had friends who have compulsions, and who have done things, gambling or drinking or drugs, and we've lost some of them.

Describing the issue of misconduct towards women as "endemic, systemic" and a "complex problem", Stewart expressed regret at not speaking out about the rumours. Could I have done more? Asked whether he thought Louis C.K. could ever revive his career - the questioner argued C.K.'s actions were "different" from Harvey Weinstein's, for example - Stewart replied that it's really not the concern right now.

More than a year ago, in May 2016, University of Chicago undergraduate Dan Ackerman prompted an awkward exchange when he asked C.K.'s pal and former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart about the then-allegations against C.K.

Jon Stewart has responded to the Louis CK sexual misconduct scandal after the comedian's recent admission and apology.

"You feel anger at what [Louis] did to people".

That does seem to be the go-to response for those who are friends with an alleged predator.

The second wave of sexual assault reckoning has begun, and it involves asking some of the guys who were standing by as their friends assaulted people, "What the fuck were you doing?" Stewart said this about his odd response to the query: "What?' And then, joke, joke, and as [the student] kept going, I was like, 'Look, I know this is very serious, but I know Louis, he's always been a gentleman to me, ' which, again, speaks to the blindness that I think a man has". Appearing on a podcast hosted by David Axelrod, the former chief campaign strategist for Barack Obama, Stewart was asked by an audience member if there was a chance C.K. might be The Daily Show's last guest with Stewart as host, with the audience member, Dan Ackerman, alluding to the allegations surrounding C.K. Honestly, I'm not that connected to that world. "I think it's gotten better over the years, but certainly when we started 30 years ago, it was really hard and so to do it was an act of bravery in and of itself".

Stewart said he hasn't spoke with Louis C.K. since the New York Times bombshell report broke last Thursday.