Salvation Army Kicks Off 2017 Angel Tree Program

Salvation Army Kicks Off 2017 Angel Tree Program

Volunteers are moving the red Salvation Army Christmas kettles into place at local stores with the launch of the 2017 Salvation Army Christmas Kettle campaign happening on Friday at the Cataraqui Centre.

Kettles will be placed in three locations as of November 23 to give the Salvation Army more time to meet its goal.

The Salvation Army is also hosting a Thanksgiving Day Community Meal on November 23 from 11 1 the Salvation Army Chesapeake Energy Center of Hope, located at 1001 N. Pennsylvania Ave. The programs include daily lunches and a seasonal men's shelter. "We firmly believe our staff and guests will contribute in an effort to help us achieve our 2017 goal".

If you want to help in other ways, you can volunteer as a bell ringer this holiday season.

This year there are almost 140 volunteers ready to assist with the kettles.

"When I was young, really small, I came from a dysfunctional and poor background, the one particular memory that I have that stands out in my mind is one Christmas", Roche said. "The only difference between you and a police officer is that they are getting paid to do those things".

Volunteers can sign up for ringing locations and times through the Mankato Salvation Army's website at The bell ringing continues until December 23.

"It's so much money that I'm not even sure how many people it's going to help, but this year we've got to buy toys for Turlock Together, so we can afford to do that now".