This 10-year-old unlocked his mom's iPhone X using Face ID

This 10-year-old unlocked his mom's iPhone X using Face ID

The interesting part is that the phone's security was set up by her Face ID.

A family from Staten Island, New York posted a YouTube video showing a 10-year-old boy unlocking his mom's new iPhone X with Face ID.

The probability that a random person the population could look at your iPhone X and unlock it using Face ID is approximately 1 in 1,000,000 (versus 1 in 50,000 for Touch ID). The 41-second-long video shows that the kid was easily able to unlock the iPhone X of Sherwani - there is some visible family resemblance, but some rather distinct facial features as well.

The boy, Ammar Malik, was simply trying to get a look at his mother's newly purchased iPhone X. However, upon picking it up, the phone logged him straight in, past the biometrically protected lock screen. "His face is smaller than my wife's face, and the geometry of their faces don't match, at least to human eyes", writes Malik, who works as a director of technology operations at Taskstream. Apple's Face ID uses the TrueDepth camera and machine learning for a secure authentication solution, but if this couldn't help users and such cases appear frequently then the company is close to facing a disaster.

It is possible that the son's age played a role as Apple has said that the "undeveloped facial features" in those under the age of 13 could cause issues with Face ID.

At first, she was explaining the fact all concerning the unlocking of the Face ID.

"It was amusing at first", Malik's father told Wired.

Although family members can be an exception in case of protecting the iPhone X using Face ID, a group of Vietnamese researchers recently claimed that they had fooled the same authentication system using a composite 3D-printed mask. It was not for this objective that Apple designed and integrated this feature in their latest iPhone X, which is also the USP of this device apart from full screen display and other incredible features.