UC Browser disappears from Google Play Store for 'misleading promotions'

UC Browser disappears from Google Play Store for 'misleading promotions'

"There have been complaints against UC Browser that it sends mobile data of its users in India to server in China". As well as being a hugely popular alternative to Google Chrome in its home region, UC Browser has an enormous base in India. Developed by UCWeb, US Browser is reportedly the sixth downloaded Android app in India. However, the US Browser Mini is still available for download.

The browser has landed in trouble for user data privacy concerns earlier in 2015 as well when a Canadian technology research group by the name of Citizen Lab reported that the application was shipping personal data like location, mobile number and other details to third-party applications.

Twitter user Mike Ross, who claims to work for UC Browser, tweeted that the browser is "temporarily removed" from the Play Store for 30 days due to adopting "misleading" and "unhealthy" methods of increasing installs. Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii also posted the text of an email that he received from UC Union (UCWeb's affiliate network) that suggests some conflict between Google and UCWeb.

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UC Browser disappears from Google Play Store for 'misleading promotions'

The popular UC Browser, owned by China's Alibaba, has mysteriously gone missing from Google Play Store, and nobody seems to know why. Going by the reports surfacing online, looks like the ban is just to give a warning to the app creators against all the allegations that they have faced regarding data security issue.

While Chrome has since reinstated some of its dominance, back in June, UC Browser became India's favourite mobile browser and at one point grasped over 50 percent market share. "It was said that the application could access user data even after its removal from the phone", says the report. This concerned the Indian government, considering the tension between India and China over the Dokhlam issue.

There weren't that many browsers when Google released the first version of Android OS.