Weeks after deadly tunnel attack, Israel and Islamic Jihad exchange threats

Weeks after deadly tunnel attack, Israel and Islamic Jihad exchange threats

The destruction from three Israeli offensives since 2008, including damage to the enclave's water, sanitation, energy, and medical facilities, coupled with slow reconstruction due to the blockade, led the United Nations to warn that Gaza could be "uninhabitable" by 2020. "In any case, we see Hamas as responsible for every attack that emanates from, or is planned against us in the Gaza Strip", he said.

The terror group is also purportedly closely monitoring the movements of Israeli citizens in the communities bordering Gaza, the London-based Arabic daily newspaper Al-Hayat reported on Tuesday.

A war of words broke out between Israel and PIJ shortly after the destruction of the tunnel, which was detected using advanced technology and neutralized inside Israeli territory using a controlled explosion.

On Monday, Israel arrested a leader of Palestinian group Islamic Jihad in the occupied West Bank.

"We advise Islamic Jihad's leadership in Damascus to exercise caution and keep things under control".

The move was in response to threats of retaliation from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad since the army blew up a cross-border Gaza tunnel killing 14 terrorists last month.

Jason Greenblatt, US President Donald Trump's special representative for global negotiations, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that "extremist statements & provocation vs. Israel by Islamic Jihad significantly harm the people of Gaza & are very risky". The IDF wants to prepare a quick response in the event that the Islamic Jihad decides to act and also to enable the work on the barrier to continue.

United States special envoy Jason Greenblatt took to Twitter early Tuesday morning, saying PIJ provocations against Israel threaten Gaza's civilian population and are risky.

Greenblatt wrote that the Palestinian Authority must accept full responsibility in Gaza: "US is working with the PA, Israel, Egypt & others to try to improve the situation".