Why Are We Hearing About The Clinton Foundation And Jeff Sessions?

Why Are We Hearing About The Clinton Foundation And Jeff Sessions?

President Trump has repeatedly called on the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in recent weeks to investigate "crooked Hillary".

That's because the Justice Department is supposed to be independent of politics.

Trump campaigned on a promise to "get a special prosecutor" to investigate Clinton.

It also follows interviews in which Mr Trump said he was "very frustrated" that he couldn't get the department of Justice or FBI to investigate what he believed was wrongdoing under his predecessor.

Sessions testified at an open hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, and Conyers made a decision to base his first line of questioning on the following Trump tweets.

Peter Zeidenberg, who once served as deputy special counsel in the investigation of former White House aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby, said "the best-case scenario" is that the attorney general is trying simply to mollify an angry president and doesn't really plan to name a special counsel. "They don't like feeling that they are political tools to be used by the president".

It also comes a day after the Justice Department told the chair of the committee, Rep.

Fox News host tore into Sessions in private meeting with Trump
Why Are We Hearing About The Clinton Foundation And Jeff Sessions?

The committee members say they're also concerned about what they call "potentially unlawful global dealings" and alleged connections between foreign entities and the Clinton campaign or foundation. The deal, which has always been a talking point for right-leaning media outlets, allowed a Russian nuclear agency to purchase Uranium One, a Canadian mining firm with deep ties to America's uranium extraction capacity.

Specifically, if the approval of the sale was linked to donations to the foundation and what role, if any, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played.

The Washington Post reported Monday US time that Mr Sessions has directed senior prosecutors to investigate alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation and the controversial sale of a uranium company to Russian Federation when Mrs Clinton was secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Some conservatives say a special counsel appointment could have consequences far beyond Clinton.

Jordan has led the charge of GOP lawmakers calling for a special counsel investigation to be launched in addition to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe.

McCarthy also said he thought it was a mistake, legally and politically, for the Justice Department to publicly suggest that it might appoint a special counsel.

But we know one fact. "You should never float the idea on your side, because when you float the idea, you are at least suggesting there's a possibility you may not be capable of doing the job yourself for ethical reasons".