Meek Mill's Attorneys Launch Appeal Against Prison Sentence

Meek Mill's Attorneys Launch Appeal Against Prison Sentence

He added that what is actually a threat to the rapper's general well-being is solitary confinement.

According to reports, the rapper desperately wants to be among the rest of the inmates, and his attorneys have filed papers saying he's being treated differently because of his celebrity status.

Meek is now appealing the sentence and requesting "the recusal of Judge Brinkley from considering and ruling on that motion and from any further adjudicatory role in this case". "There is no conspiracy, Meek is an old friend of 30-plus years".

The sentence left lawyers for both the defence and prosecution stunned, and now Mill's attorneys Brian McMonagle and Joe Tacopina have filed a motion to appeal the jail term and ask for the rapper's probation to come to an end, they confirmed to on Wednesday (15Nov17). He added Meek Mill is writing and exercising a lot but under a condition which denies prisoners opportunity of contact with another human being nearly all day and "insidiously destroys the psyche".

Meek Mill
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Meek Mill was granted prison store privileges (commissary) for the first time Friday for jailhouse snacks and toiletries.

Meek's legal reps also claim that 'the two incidents for which his probation was violated resulted in dismissed charges'. The officer had previously said Meek "responded well" and "actively participated in an effort towards behavioral change".

Meek also says his probation should be wiped out altogether because he's matured, become a responsible father, acquired a profession and "generally been rehabilitated".

The probation stems from a 2008 arrest for drugs and guns for which Meek served time.