2 killed in Kenya police clash

2 killed in Kenya police clash

The vehicle carrying Mr Odinga, who was returning from a trip to the United States and Britain, was struck by a teargas canister that splintered its bullet-proof windscreen, an incident that goaded his supporters into further fury.

He blamed in President Uhuru Kenyatta for the violence.

"Isn't this barbaric?", he told his supporters after driving to safety.

Mr Odinga boycotted the new vote, saying electoral reforms had not been made.

On Monday, the Supreme Court is due to rule on the legality of last month's re-run election, won by the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta with 98% of the vote.

Only 39 per cent of registered voters took part. The political crisis has stirred fears for the stability of the east African nation, a regional hub for trade, diplomacy and security.

Earlier, police and supporters of Odinga had fought running battles on Friday along the main road to Nairobi's global airport before Odinga landed from an overseas trip.

Police fired into the air to disperse them.

Dozens of worldwide flights depart and arrive daily at Nairobi's main airport.

Kenya's prolonged election season has disrupted its economy.

At least two people have been killed in Kenya's capital Nairobi as police broke up crowds of opposition supporters. "I have briefed them on the situation in Kenya, and the kind of challenges we are facing following the bungled presidential elections", he said.