HTC Vive VR Tracker And Accessories Available For Preorder

HTC Vive VR Tracker And Accessories Available For Preorder

The company is also lunching Vive Tracker accessory bundles, so if you don't want to just stick the Tracker on things, and want a more tangible, bespoke experience, you can get that too. Vive Tracker is the first attempt to change that on a consumer scale.

The Hyper Blaster will be available with a Vive Tracker and the Duck Season game at Amazon for $149.

Dozens of developers have integrated body tracking into their experiences, including CloudGate Studios' Island 359, which will launch a "Virtual Self" update on December 1 that uses Vive Trackers for full body tracking and movement.

To use the Vive Tracker for body tracking, you will need at least two Vive Trackers and a pair of Rebuff Reality's TrackStraps, which will set you back $25. Currently, Vive is promoting full-body tracking of Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing and Audioshield, Island 359, and are expecting other developers to join in as well.

Previous to the tracker's public release, we reported that devs began to attach Vive Trackers to 3D printed guns, plastic samurai swords, and on objects around the home that were a safety issue. The Vive Trackers sell on their own for around $100 each. Putting these trackers at strategic locations around a VR space, like a couch or fan, improved the user's awareness of their surroundings and helped them feel and stay safe as they got a workout. The Vive Tracker is a small interchangeable motion tracking accessory that can attach to any object in real life, and works with the HTC Vive VR headset. Come mid-December, HTC will start shipping out pre-orders to North America (sorry it's not available internationally) for their Hyper Blaster gun and Racket Sports Set. International Business Times tried the Duck Season game at an HTC Vive event in New York City Wednesday, using the Hyper Blaster accessory, which simulates a gun. Just make sure to be careful where you're swinging!

Racket Sports Set includes a pair of handles meant to be weighted accurately so that when you screw on the Tracker it feels like a real ping pong paddle or tennis racket in your hand.

The highly anticipated accessory can enhance immersion while wearing an HTC Vive by bringing in physical objects like guns or sports rackets - or even your full body - and representing them all accurately in the virtual world.

The Racket Sports Set includes Ping Pong and Tennis handles, a Vive Tracker and a redemption code for Virtual Sports, and will sell for $149.99 through Amazon, Abt Electronics, BH Photo, Fry's, Gamestop, Micro Center and NewEgg.

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