Trailer Demonstrates Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's New V-Triggers

Trailer Demonstrates Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's New V-Triggers

While the majority of the FGC was expecting a Sagat reveal, Capcom did come through with a big surprise as they unveiled a new trailer for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Some of the new moves were highlighted in a fresh teaser trailer that recently dropped. With the new edition, every single character should receive new V-Triggers, and this includes the characters from both seasons.

As noted during Arcade Edition's initial October announcement, the existing roster is going to get a whole new slew of V-Trigger moves.

Right now, we do not have many details about the V-Trigger, but as it turns out, before a match begins, the players will be able to choose what is the V-Trigger that they want to use.

Street Fighter is one of the most well-known titles when it comes to fighting games. Additionally, Arcade and Extra Battle modes will be added as part of the upgrade that will come alongside a new UI making it easier to navigate through the game's content.

The trailer revealed that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be at the PlayStation Experience on December 9 and 10 as a playable demo, more than a month before the game's release date of January 16, 2018.

Players who purchased the original PlayStation 4 and PC release of Street Fighter V, meanwhile, will gain access to the new modes and moves through a free in-game update.