Supreme Court won't review Texas decision against same-sex benefits

Supreme Court won't review Texas decision against same-sex benefits

Denying the city of Houston's request, the U.S. Supreme Court will not review a June decision by the Texas Supreme Court, which ruled that the landmark decision legalizing same-sex marriage does not fully address the right to marriage benefits.

The Alabama Supreme Court in November 2016, however, concluded that the Foster case did not require a change in the outcome of Floyd's case and again affirmed Floyd's conviction.

Many observers pointed to the makeup of the Texas Supreme Court - justices who are elected, not appointed - as they reason they came to the decision.

Religious freedom vs. religious exemption: High court case offers dispute over terminology.

Something troubling just happened at the U.S. Supreme Court today.

"This is an incredible early Christmas present from the U. S. Supreme Court for taxpayers", Saenz said.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a Texas ruling that gay spouses may not be entitled to government-subsidized workplace benefits - a potential victory for social conservatives hoping to chip away at 2015's legalization of same-sex marriage. The Texas Supreme Court even admitted it only took up the case after receiving "emails, letters and postcards" from individual citizens. Pidgeon and Hicks contended state law, which at the time barred same-sex marriage, prevented Parker from taking that action.

The high court ruled that states must give same-sex couples the same rights as opposite-sex couples or else the state would be giving same-sex couples "disparate treatment", something forbidden under Obergefell. The ruling found that there's still room for state courts to explore "the reach and ramifications" of marriage-related issues that resulted from the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote a brief statement agreeing with the decision not to take up the case.

In August, Lambda Legal and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP filed a lawsuit in a federal court to affirm the Obergefell decision ensures health coverage and other benefits to the same-sex spouses of city employees.

The case of Masterpiece Cakeshop versus Colorado Civil Rights Commission began five years ago when Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins asked Phillips to make a cake for their wedding reception.

The Mississippi Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday on whether a woman should get parental rights to a 6-year-old boy that her ex-wife birthed when the two were married.