Crews try again to implode Pontiac Silverdome

Crews try again to implode Pontiac Silverdome

- Sunday was supposed to be the end of era in Metro Detroit as the Silverdome demolition gets underway but the old building isn't budging.

A second partial implosion attempt of the Pontiac Silverdome was a success Monday afternoon, a full day and a half after it's original implosion date. An official on the scene told KSAT 12's sister station Local 4 that the demolition didn't go according to plan.

Crews placed explosives in steel beams, which did break off.

Adamo said on Sunday that there was a problem with a wire that was cut but did not say if it was intentional or accidental. Then, each vertical beam surrounding the Silverdome will be broken when a small charge detonates, causing the steel ring to fall to the ground.

Teams will use excavators to try and bring down the rest of the stadium this week.

During its time in operation the venue also hosted the NCAA Cherry Bowl (1984-85), WrestleMania III (1987) and a Led Zepplin rock concert (1977).