Facebook launches new "Messenger Kids" app

Facebook launches new

Facebook has also stated that Messenger Kids is created to be cooperating with the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act or COPPA.

The company said that children's information will not be used for any ads and there are no ads in the app.

We've worked extensively with parents and families to shape Messenger Kids and we're looking forward to learning and listening as more children and families start to use the iOS preview.

Facebook rolled out Monday a version of its popular Messenger app for kids under 13.

Like we already said, kids can also make video calls from this app, and, they can also send photos and videos to the people they are chatting with.

Messenger Kids is an app where kids can talk or text with family or friends, allowing parents to control the experience through their Facebook account.

YouTube has recently received criticism over concerns with its Kids app, which features videos tailored toward children.

Even though it has all those things, Facebook is still getting a lot of flack for it, but FB says don't worry about it!

It's important to note that kids under 13 are still not allowed to sign up for a Facebook account.

In a company blog post, Antigone Davis - public policy director and global head of safety at Facebook - wrote that the media site has been working on the product for the past 18 months, working closely with leading child development experts, parents and educators.

Another user going by the name @AfrikanNerd tweeted saying "Facebook Refugees" are trying to figure out how to use Twitter.

Parents approve all the friend requests. To get there, click on "More" on the bottom right corner in your main Facebook app, and click "Messenger Kids" in the Explore section.

This preview of Messenger Kids is only available in the U.S. at this time on the Apple App Store, and will be coming to Amazon App Store and Google Play Store in the coming months.