Google is Giving Pixelbook and Chromebook Plus Owners Free Netflix

Google is Giving Pixelbook and Chromebook Plus Owners Free Netflix

We've seen Google Play Store credits, 100GB free Drive storage and even some exclusive auto packs for Asphalt 8 but this time, Google is going to help you get your stream on.

In addition to the free Netflix plan offer, customers who buy the Samsung Chromebook Plus or Pro are also eligible to claim a $20 credit for Google Play. That bonus comes in the form of six months of free Netflix.

The six months apply to Netflix's $10.99 per month streaming plan that lets two people stream at once.

As these devices are automatically kept up to date, the Chromebook owners also do not have to worry about installing the latest virus protection.If you recently purchased a Chromebook Pro/Plus or a Pixelbook, head to google.com/chromebook/offers on that machine and redeem the offer before December 31st. Also if you own a Netflix plan with a different tier the also you can add this discount of $65.94 over your current project.

Basically, if you bought any of the aforementioned Chromebooks lately or you're planning to get one soon, you have until December 31, 2017, to claim your 6 months of free Netflix. You can easily apply the gift to your Netflix subscription.

That includes HD or UHD video quality, depending on availability of title. With your Android-enabled Chromebook, you'll be able to download HD movies for on the go viewing. Users who already have something like a 4K capable subscription, like Netflix Premium, can put the $65.94 credit towards their next payment.

The Chromebook Pro starts at $549, while the new Google Pixelbook starts at $999.