Jailed Rapper Meek Mill Denied Bail Request

Jailed Rapper Meek Mill Denied Bail Request

As previously reported, Meek's lawyers started a legal campaign in November to have Judge Brinkley removed from the recording artist's case.

In a supplemental motion filed Monday seeking to have Brinkley recuse from the case, attorneys for Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, said the FBI has investigated the judge in connection with her conduct in Williams' case, and that defense counsel had been aware of the probe since 2016.

"How could she sit in judgment?"

"It does establish a pattern of unethical behavior for this judge", attorney Jessica Jackson Sloan, national director of #cut50, a criminal justice reform group, said of the revelations in Brinkley's disclosure forms. Tacopina said the public outrage is warranted.

And Brinkley's prison sentence has triggered fury among Mill's supporters - including the Rev. Al Sharpton and JAY-Z - saying Mill exemplified the abuse and overreach that has sent many to jail on minor violations just as they were trying to get their lives back on track after a prison stint.

The attorneys representing embattled hip hop star Meek Mill have said in court filings that there was a federal investigation into the conduct of Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley, who last sentenced the rapper to prison time for violating his probation.

Last week (ends01Dec17), the defense lawyers turned to officials at Pennsylvania's Superior Court to step in amid claims Judge Brinkley has been ignoring their motions for bail, asking them to consider their emergency petition to free Meek pending their appeal.

The judge said she gave Mill multiple chances to clean up his act but he repeatedly tested positive for drugs, failed to heed travel restrictions and was rearrested twice.

His imprisonment has sparked backlash in opinion pieces, rallies, billboards and bus ads.

The appeals charge that the judge has made the case personal and has wrongly assumed an "essentially prosecutorial" role.