NVIDIA Shield Will Bring Nintendo Wii And GameCube Games To China

NVIDIA Shield Will Bring Nintendo Wii And GameCube Games To China

In an unprecedented collaboration for Nintendo, it's working with Nvidia to port a selection of Wii and GameCube games to the Android-powered Shield TV for today's release in China. Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out! right away, with other games including Super Mario Galaxy set for future release.

Not only that but each game will run at 1080p, meaning they'll look much nicer than their Wii originals.

If you pick up a Chinese Shield TV, you'll be able to play New Super Mario Bros.

The surprising news was confirmed by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter who shared the official trailer for the Nvidia Shield in China. Unfortunately, it seems that this will likely remain China-exclusive permanently, as all communications from Nvidia and Nintendo indicate that it's specifically targeted at Chinese audiences.

The games are appearing on the Shield courtesy of a local partnership between Nvidia, Chinese video company iQiyi and Nintendo, so don't go expecting these to ever appear in the West. But it's the Nintendo connection which is, perhaps, most surprising. Both companies are enjoying the benefits of very healthy Switch sales. Given how hard it is to sell consoles in China, it would appear that Nintendo is using smart devices like the Nvidia Shield to crack the market and sell its games.