Santa Ana winds expected to peak Monday night through Thursday

Santa Ana winds expected to peak Monday night through Thursday

Winds will die down somewhat for Wednesday and Thursday, but intermittent strong gusts will still be possible.

This will increase in strength rapidly tomorrow bringing a moderate offshore and Santa Ana Winds. However winds in the 15-25 miles per hour range are possible in Valley Center and adjacent areas, and humidity values will drop into the 10-15% range, bringing critical fire weather.

"But, you should see warming throughout the week, topped out at around the low 80s", National Weather Service Meteorologist John Dumaf said. "It's going to be breezy all week". Isolated gusts could hit 80 miles per hour in the mountains.

The forecast is moving the fire danger needle as the National Weather Service issued a red flag warning on Sunday.

However, cold is obviously relative, and the only areas where temperatures have dipped to the freezing levels overnight is in the Antelope Valley, Dumas added.

The Santa Anas will bring a tremendous fire risk, with "the potential for very rapid fire spread, long range fire spotting and extreme fire behavior", the NWS warned.

"Winds this strong may down trees and power lines, causing property damage or power outages". Officials have dedicated extra resources to fire-prone areas. Cross winds can make driving hard, especially for drivers of high profile vehicles and vehicles towing trailers.Secure all loose outdoor furniture in advance of the onset of strong winds.

The warning for the Santa Barbara County mountains and south coast started at 6 p.m on Sunday and continue until 6 a.m. on Monday.