Bridge Constructor Portal Shows You Can Fit Trucks Through Portals

Bridge Constructor Portal Shows You Can Fit Trucks Through Portals

For a while now, there have been rumours that there would be a new Portal game announced at the upcoming Game Awards. And much to everyone's disappointment, it's not Portal 3.

It's probably not where anybody expected Portal to go after Portal 2 and VR playground The Lab, but sometimes you've gotta build a few bridges to get where you're really going.

Developed by ClockStone Software, in collaboration with Portal creator Valve, the game itself will be published by Headup Games for PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS in addition to Android. And even if there was a game called that none of the original three writers still work at Valve, so it would never be the same. Bridge Constructor Portal will introduce a portal gun to spice up the gameplay and brings players back to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center. Though which consoles exactly weren't specifically stated, the video shows logos for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. "The console versions will follow in early 2018".

Portal and Portal 2 are celebrated classics, but after the release of the latter developer Valve steered away from game development, instead focusing on hardware like the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and its digital platform Steam.

When we try to think up likely spin-offs to franchises, a bridge construction game for Portal isn't one that comes to mind.

"If you've been paying attention the solution should be obvious".