Ford suing John Cena for selling his GT

Ford suing John Cena for selling his GT

Well, pro wrestler John Cena sold his, and now, Ford is suing him.

Actor John Cena took delivery of a custom 2017 GT in September, then sold the coupe not even a month later - an audacious violation of the purchase contract he signed, which bound owners to hold onto their cars for at least two years.

Cena's YouTube series Auto Geeks makes a point of telling the story behind each one of his cars; we're surprised this is the story he wants to tell about his 2017 Ford GT.

According to the lawsuit, Ford stipulated that buyers of the 482kW supercar must "retain ownership for a minimum of 24 months after delivery and not re-sell the vehicle within this period of time". The article continued that after Cena was confronted about selling the auto, he told Ford he would "make it right", but according to the lawsuit, he never did. This was done to prevent buyers from gobbling up the cars to simply flip them for a profit. WXYZ, however, has a copy of the lawsuit, which suggests he's actually not being very cooperative. We've seen his video series where he proclaims to be a vehicle geek, and he sure seemed excited over the new GT.

It seems Cena took delivery of his auto in September, but sold it just a month later for an undisclosed - and we must assume fairly significant - profit.

Ford called Cena a few days later when it heard about the sale, and said Cena copped to the flip. Could he have just been too tempted by an offer he couldn't refuse?

This is an action for breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, and unjust enrichment arising out of Mr. Cena's improper and unlawful resale of a custom-made, model year 2017 Ford GT sports auto, in violation of the Ford GT Application Program and contracts pertaining to same.