Sufjan Stevens Shares A Touching Tribute To Tonya Harding

Sufjan Stevens Shares A Touching Tribute To Tonya Harding

Sebastian Stan plays Harding's ex-husband Jeff Gillooly in the film, and told People: "I don't know if I should even say "Hi" to [Tonya], I mean, I play Jeff!"

"I, Tonya" movie will be released in NY and Los Angeles Friday.

But the movie is Harding's story, in what Variety summarizes as "a riff on the Tonya Harding saga starring Margot Robbie as the infamous figure skater the whole world decided it loved to hate".

The 47-year-old former ice skater joined Margot Robbie, who portrays Harding in the film, in front of the sea of photographers stationed on the red carpet.

Check your kneecaps at the door - Tonya Harding and Margot Robbie, the woman playing Tonya Harding, were hanging out together for the premiere of the Tonya biopic. "She's a complicated subject for a song partly because the hard facts of her life are so odd, disputable, heroic, unprecedented, and indelibly American".

However, after recovering in time for the Winter Olympics, she won the silver medal, with Harding coming eighth. She was banned from the U.S. Figure Skating Association for life.

"Tonya shines bright in the pantheon of American history simply because she never stopped trying her hardest", Stevens writes. She is also known for a sex tape she sold to Penthouse and for her boxing and auto racing careers.

In order to get in tip top shape for her role, Robbie spoke directly with Harding, who gave her some valuable advice. "I thought I was going to meet her to placate her, but really she was more anxious about me-how I was doing with the ice-skating, how I was doing with the fame at a young age".

Believe it or not, notorious figure skater Tonya Harding has a connection to Batman - and it is actually pretty special. She recently said: "Ever since we got the company up and running, I was like: 'We need to work with young directors, first- and second-time directors - male or female; we need to work with female writers, directors, actresses, obviously, and Aussies wherever possible".