Google Shuts Down Chrome Apps From Web Store, Moves to PWAs

Google Shuts Down Chrome Apps From Web Store, Moves to PWAs

We were also aware of it that Google would drop Chrome web apps from Linux, Mac and Windows. "Another update will be posted here when a new date for the Chrome Apps EOL on Windows, Mac, and Linux has been finalized". Though you can still access the Extensions and Themes from the Chrome Web store.

What's more, Google confirmed that its PWA's wouldn't be able to offer the full range of capabilities that Chrome Apps can, but said it was "investigating" ways to make the transition easier for developers whose apps are reliant on the pre-existing Chrome APIs. Some packaged apps were able to take advantage of USB-connected hardware, but if Google's figures are right, it seems like not many people cared for them. Progressive Web Apps will allow desktop users to pin icons and shortcuts to the "apps", similar to the function that "hosted apps" performed previously. There are two types of Chrome apps: "packaged apps and hosted apps", Google explained in a blog post from previous year. Additional enhancements to the Chrome apps platform will apply only to Chrome OS devices, including kiosks. This is the plug-in point for password managers, script and ad blockers, mail checkers, and even the occasional fully fledged app, like Google Hangouts for Chrome.

Users who have Chrome OS laptops won't have to worry since they will still continue to have access to Chrome apps for the foreseeable future, according to Engadget. An example of a PWA is a website that can display webpages in fullscreen. PWAs already work on Samsung's own web browser on its Android smartphones and Android versions of Firefox and Opera.

The web giant revealed in 2016 that it planned to phase out Chrome Apps in 2018.

Support for Progessive Web Apps is becoming more available, with Microsoft building support for PWAs into Windows 10, and Apple is similarly building support for PWAs into Safari.