Monster 17-Foot Python Caught in Florida Everglades

Monster 17-Foot Python Caught in Florida Everglades

Florida snake hunters captured a monstrous 132-pound Burmese python in the Everglades on Friday.

"That snake could pretty much kill any full-grown man", said one of the hunters who caught the python, Jason Leon, to NBC 6.

Leon said in a video posted by the SFWMD that he discovered the female snake in a body of water and quickly shot her before she could get out. The snake was the largest to be captured so far in the state's Python Elimination Program, an effort to remove the invasive species from the area.

Since March, the program has eradicated more than 700 snakes in on District lands in Miami-Dade, Broward and Collier counties, which, if laid out end to end, would measure over 1.4 km and weigh over 4,500 kilos.

"If that snake was alive right now it would probably take like three of us to be able to control it". The hunters said it was much larger when they initially wrangled it.

Thousands of pythons are estimated to occupy South Florida and are known to cause problems for wildlife in the Everglades. The average size of a Burmese python removed in Florida is eight to 10 feet.

"While researchers have been hard pressed to provide specific population numbers in the Everglades, a rapid number of increased sightings from 2005 to 2010 is concerning. They can not only kill Florida native prey species and pose a threat to humans, but also rob panthers, birds of prey, alligators and bobcats of a primary food source".