Facebook Messenger boosts Instant Games with live stream and video chat support

Facebook Messenger boosts Instant Games with live stream and video chat support

After launching the Instant Games feature within Facebook Messenger last November, the social giant is integrating livestreaming into that product - bringing Facebook roughly into competition with other "Let's Play" platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

The immensely popular game will join the recently launched Tetris which includes beloved features like marathon mode and the ability to play with friends in Messenger group chats. Beginning today, however, users will be able to livestream their gaming sessions, Venturebeat reports. With the expansion of the platform to over 70 games from more than 100 developers worldwide and today's new features, Facebook is hoping to encourage even more Messenger users to spend time playing games with their friends.

The new feature also enables users to video chat with their partner while they play a game together. "They may not. Who knows? To the people who continue to enjoy, share, compete and challenge themselves and their friends to games on Messenger, thanks for playing and game on", the company exclaimed. "If somebody has a community, whether that's five or 10 or a thousand people - ten thousand, a million - they're sharing the games they love with the people they care about, which is their community".

On the one year anniversary of releasing the in app games system Instant Games Facebook has announced an all new Facebook Live system to allow live streaming through Messenger Instant Games onto your feed.

The new features arrive as Messenger has quickly expanded its game offerings, which launched with 20 titles. When you decide to end the broadcast, "the video will be published to your Page or profile so that fans and friends who missed it can watch at a later time", Facebook explained on its website, adding that you can also remove it if you so choose. Also coming down the line for Messengers Gaming service is Sonic Jump from Sega, Disney Tsum Tsum (I have no idea what this is, but apparently it's a thing) and Puzzle & Dragons. rolling out now in select regions and will be available globally in the coming weeks. While GungHo Online Entertainment Inc., makers of the "Puzzle & Dragons" game will launch a new puzzle game.

To make use of Facebook Live within Instant Games, tap the camera icon (upper-right hand corner) during a game select an audience to broadcast to add a description tap the "Start Live Video" button. Both games have been built by CoolGames, an Instant Games platform developer.