Overwatch Winter Wonderland is back

Overwatch Winter Wonderland is back

Blizzard just released a new Developer Update video detailing the second coming of the Winter Wonderland event for Overwatch.

Like last year's Winter Wonderland, players can expect a chance to get a number of theme-appropriate legendary skins. Old maps King's Row and Hanamura will receive "seasonal passes", or themed decorations for the holidays. For example, Mei and Tracer wear Santa hats and elf clothing. But, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan says a long-awaited Hanzo skin people have seen before (maybe in the comics) is on the way.

Again, the Overwatch Winter Wonderland fun starts on December 12. This enables Blizzard to keep the game running and profitable even as it gives away characters and maps at no additional charge.

The most interesting thing about Winter Wonderland 2017, however, it entirely new.

The holiday brawl from last year, Mei's Snowball Offensive, will be back this year-both on Ecopoint Antarctica and now Black Forest as well. It's an asymmetrical multiplayer mode: Modeled after a boss fight à la Evolve, it pits five Meis against one "yeti", Winston. A new holiday brawl is also on deck: Mei's Yeti Hunt. This means that a squad of six players can queue up for Yeti Hunt and take turns playing as the yeti against their friends. "Well, I'm here to tell you it absolutely is". Kaplan added that many of Overwatch's seasonal brawls are simply created to be fun, lighthearted and refreshing Arcade exercises that are available for a limited time.

"I know a lot of you are thinking it sounds kind of silly and kind of ridiculous", said Kaplan of Mei's Yeti Hunt.

Winter Wonderland debuted past year, and this latest outing promises a mix of the familiar and the new.