FromSoftware Project Will Get Info "In the Next 12 Months"

FromSoftware Project Will Get Info

Some we didn't see much of, but the shortest and biggest tease of the evening has to be the few seconds of a trailer we saw of whatever was coming from Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer From Software.

FromSoftware, the team behind Bloodborne and Dark Souls, is leaving gamers guessing with their latest teaser.

Either way, fans of the Souls-like genre will be tearing this tiny snippet apart for clues. Hopefully, we will find out more details soon. Blood, bone, and machinery mixed together in a scene that showed a rope tightening around some gnarly-looking device that could be a weapon or something entirely different, knowing FromSoftware.

And of course, there's that tagline: "Shadows die twice". Alternatively, Shadows Die Twice might even be the name of the game itself, although the twice bit would seem to indicate a new Bloodborne game.

The new trailer for an upcoming FromSoftware game is incredibly minimal, but it might just be a new Tenchu game.

There is a chance that, with PlayStation Experience happening on the 8 December - or 4.30am GMT on 9 December in the United Kingdom - that we'll see a bit more about what From Software is up to.

The "twice" portion of the phrase that is shown leads me to personally believe that From Software could be teasing either a sequel or a remaster to one of their beloved games.