Facebook AR Studio Now Lets All Developers Create World Effects

Facebook AR Studio Now Lets All Developers Create World Effects

"World Effects technology enables you to drop 3D objects into your surroundings to capture and share fun moments with your family and friends", the Facebook post announcing the new feature reads.

Facebook has spent the last few months expanding the tools offered in the AR Studio.

Facebook Inc.is attempted to expand its presence in the burgeoning augmented reality space with the public launch of AR Studio, a platform based on code it acquired from MSQRD Inc.

World Effects are basically Facebook's clone of Snap's World Lenses, but one problem Snap has is a lack of resources versus what its much more established rival has.

Starting Tuesday, any outside developer can build AR features for Facebook's in-app camera, called the Camera Effects Platform.

"We want artists, developers, brands and more creators to be able to build and share wonderful AR experiences", writes Facebook director Ficus Kirkpatrick. Snapchat has yet to fully embrace third-party AR content beyond some basic image frame submissions and work with a few fine artists like Jeff Koons.

What's next for AR Studio?

Facebook is still trying to bring its vision for AR into the mainstream.

When you open your Messenger Camera, you will now find even more options to add to a photo or video that you want to take. In addition to the heart, arrow and robot, you can also try playing around with a unicorn plus word bubbles, like "love", "bae", "heart" and "miss you". If you build on Facebook, you can theoretically reach billions. For users, that means that they can add AR overlays on top of their pictures as they take them, but for developers it also means that they are now able to freely design then deploy to Facebook their own customized and stylized AR picture overlays. But if Facebook Stories aren't popular to watch, that audience isn't easily accessible.