Video shows officers handcuffing a shrieking 11-year-old at gunpoint

Video shows officers handcuffing a shrieking 11-year-old at gunpoint

Honestie said she, her mother Whitney Hodges, and one of her aunts were leaving their home Wednesday night when they unexpectedly encountered officers in the middle of a search.

Grand Rapids police also detained two other women who exited the house with the girl.

"It made me feel scared and it made me feel like I did something wrong", the little girl told WOOD-TV. 'I'm hesitant to open or go close to my indirect access in light of what happened'.

The police department wrote on Facebook that its officers detained the three women because they wanted to make sure they weren't Manning - who was arrested in a house not far away from the Hodges' home - or armed with a unsafe weapon.

The police were looking for the Carrie Manning, the girl's aunt.

Chief Rahinsky says officers were responding to an attempted homicide, with concerns that the suspect might use a child to hide the weapon.

NBC-affiliate KING-TV quoted Rahinsky as saying, "Listening to the 11-year-old's response makes my stomach turn".

"This goes well beyond stolen guns", said Grand Rapids Police Lt. Kristen Rogers.

Rahinsky defended the officers in that incident - both at that city council meeting and on Tuesday. "We've got work to do as a profession, we've got work to do as agency, and we've got hard questions to ask as a community". "You hear the mother yelling from the steps "that's my child" and that's our community's child", he said.

The description of the suspect at the time was a 40-year-old woman.

He said police body-camera footage of the girl screaming as she's being taken into custody are "disturbing" and show the need for policing changes. The suspect was later arrested at another home.

During Tuesday's press conference the chief stated the child "was treated the same way we would have treated any adult and when you are dealing with an 11-year-old - it's inappropriate". The homeowner gave consent to search the home, and it was deemed that none of the three individuals that exited the home were the suspect officers were searching for nor was the suspect in the home.

After this incident, a complaint was filed on behalf of the 11-year-old with the GRPD who then opened an internal investigation. Rahinsky stated, "The screams of the 11-year-old, they go to your heart". The women and girl were then released, police said. However, he said, "that's not a defense of what we just saw". "That's my daughter. Don't cuff her, '" Hodges said of the officers.

"In this situation, I don't think we acted accordingly", the police chief told reporters Tuesday.