Abe leaves for Baltic and E.European tour

Abe leaves for Baltic and E.European tour

The dispute is expected to carry on till next week, when the foreign ministers of both countries will meet in Vancouver, Canada, for a special worldwide summit on the situation with North Korea. He also said Tokyo has sincerely carried out the deal thoroughly, and that Seoul needs to do the same.

Yoshihide Suga, the top Japanese government spokesman and the Chief Cabinet Secretary, said Wednesday: "Japan can never accept it if the South Korean side demands we take further measures despite the agreement that confirmed the final and irreversible solution on the issue".

"This issue can not be resolved through a give-and-take deal between governments struck over the victims' head", he said.

Japan is seeking to strengthen economic ties with Europe as Tokyo and the European Union late past year finalized negotiations for a free trade deal to create one of the world's biggest economic areas, aiming to implement it in early 2019.

Numerous women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese aggressors came from the Korean Peninsula as well as other parts of Asia, including China. Follow-up measures for victims of Japan's sexual enslavement, which the Korean government called for, are likely to be discussed during the meeting.

Japan bristles at its neighbours continuing to resurface historical wartime issues even after its repeated efforts to resolve them once and for all.

And while Mr Moon wants to forge "forward-oriented ties" with Japan - separate from the comfort women issue - Dr Minohara said: "This is like punching someone in the face and then saying to them, "I hope it doesn't ruin our relationship". "The more the Korean government seeks to additionally consult with Japan on the comfort women issue, the worse its relation with Japan gets".

"How would the world be if each new incoming leader gets to change the rules just because he doesn't like what his predecessor has set?"

He said that although it was a political agreement, it excluded the victims and ordinary South Koreans.