Altered Carbon trailer lays out the beginning of a mystery

Altered Carbon trailer lays out the beginning of a mystery

Based on the 2002 sci-fi novel of the same name by British author Richard K. Morgan, "Altered Carbon" tells the story of a gangster turned super soldier named Takeshi Kovacs. Check out the Altered Carbon trailer below, along with the key art in the gallery, and tune in when the show launches Friday, February 2 on Netflix!

The movie is set hundreds of years in the future where consciousness is something that can be saved and then downloaded into a new body; the body, in that world at least, is something like an advanced suit that consciousness merely inhabits for a short while.

With a rumored $7 million-an-episode price tag, Netflix is hoping that its noir cyberpunk "Blade Runner"-like series "Altered Carbon" will entice audiences to binge-watch the unusual sci-fi tale of murder, sex and betrayal". He's a highly trained warrior brought back to solve the murder of Laurens Bancroft (played by The Following's James Purefoy)... and he's hired by Bancroft, who has neatly installed his mind, memories and such into another sleeve. This is the first full length trailer Netflix has released for its hotly anticipated show. Takeshi is brought back by Bancroft for the sole objective of uncovering his murder, but it looks like he will be dragged into something deeper and much more complicated.

Who is in the cast of Altered Carbon? The show looks impressively large, with stunning environments and sets.

Fans of Blade Runner will notice the similarities in the aesthetic immediately and fans of Black Mirror will be interested in the concept of digitised consciousnesses which is at the very core of the plot. "You shed it like a snake sheds its skin".