CES 2018: Intel announces 'major breakthrough' in quantum computing chip

CES 2018: Intel announces 'major breakthrough' in quantum computing chip

"Security is job No. 1 for Intel and our industry", he said.

Chip giant Intel has announced that two million vehicles from BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen will use Mobileye Road Experience Management (REM) technology to build and rapidly update low-priced, scalable high-definition maps throughout this year.

Krzanich's comments at CES - the technology trade show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show - gave him the opportunity to address attendees from across the global tech industry.

Intel went big on autonomous driving on Monday, showcasing its first self-driving test auto and announcing a number of tie-ups with automakers to take the technology forward.

As part of the collaboration announced, SAIC will develop self-driving vehicles in China based on Mobileye's technology. "We not only find data everywhere today, but it will be the creative force behind the innovations of the future". Even if these concepts necessitate a lot of computational power, they really have the potential to change the way we experience shows, sports, and movies.

News reports that more than $20 million in share sales by Krzanich were scheduled in October of previous year before the company made public that its processors were vulnerable to hackers are "troubling", Senators Jack Reed and John Kennedy wrote in Tuesday letters to the Securities Exchange Commission and the Justice Department. Not surprisingly, Intel's goal is to tap into and harness the applications that require the most data, and thus generate the most demand for its chips.

The Oregonian reported that Intel has formed a new group, called Intel Product Assurance and Security, created to lock down the company's processors.

So Krzanich comes to CES every year to tout the Intel technology that enables gee-whiz gadgets.

During the Intel keynote, Krzanich said Intel's labs and researchers are "committed" to advancing quantum computing, with a Netherlands-based lab specifically testing and building quantum computing systems.

Mr. Krzanich also announced a partnership with Paramount Pictures Corporation.

"A common element to all of the published attacks for all three vulnerability variants of these attacks so far has been the use of cache timing attacks to leak the read speculatively read data to the attacker", Capsule 8 stated in a blog post.

Krzanich noted Intel's promising research into neuromorphic computing, a new type of computing architecture that mimics the way brains observe, learn and understand.

At the same CES event Krzanich disclosed that with Intel being the technology partner during this year's winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, the chip maker would offer the biggest ever virtual reality experience in some 30 events.

CES 2018 Intel Press Booth.