Oregon Gas Pumping Law Allows Self-Serve

Oregon Gas Pumping Law Allows Self-Serve

As of Monday, however, a new law grants gas stations in rural OR counties to allow self-service for its customers. However, in two states laws forbid you from placing a pump inside your own gas tank and filling it up.

It wasn't until Medford, Oregon TV station KTVL posted about the new law on social media that the rest of the country learned just how freaked out some Oregonians are at the mere thought of pumping gas.

"I don't even know HOW to pump gas and I am 62, native Oregonian", added Sandy Franklin. I say NO THANKS! "I don't want to smell like gasoline!" another woman wrote.

LifeHacker even published an article titled "How to pump your own smelly gas in OR and live to tell about it".

"I'm 5'2" and petite and often have to pump my own gas before dawn heading to work.

The other responses at the local news station's Facebook page are hilarious. I went to college in OR way back around the time of the Boer War, and the legend at the time was that there was some kind of bad self-serve gas accident back in the early 1960s (maybe someone forgot to put out their marijuana joint?), after which the state legislature banned it.

Since 1951 gas stations have been required to have attendants pump gas for customers. I laughed said I am from Idaho, I'm fully capable, you can leave...

Concerns ranged from not knowing how to pump gas to fears of smelling like gas or being attacked by hoodlums. It's ludicrous to think that most of the State's population is legitimately terrified of pumping gas on their own.

It will also not eliminate jobs because gas stations with convenience stores are still required to have attendants during business hours. She was successful in her attempt, but said she prefers having her gas pumped for her. We'll take all the jobs we can get.

Many stations in OR said they plan to keep an attendant on standby. But for whatever reason, OR and New Jersey decided against repealing their laws, either to save jobs OR because the people in those states are naturally stubborn traditionalists.

Although the law change is in place, it doesn't require gas stations to switch to self-service.

People across the USA are getting in on the fun, too.