Putin Charges US Is Backing Navalny Bid For Russian President

Putin Charges US Is Backing Navalny Bid For Russian President

The report, released Wednesday by Sen.

Peskov commented on a report drawn up by US Congress at the initiative of Ben Cardin, the highest ranked Democrat in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Reuters is reporting today that Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, "who has repeatedly denied accusations by USA intelligence officials and others that Moscow interferes in any foreign elections", once again rejected the allegations and said he was "dismayed to see them still being made". Several congressional staffers told Foreign Policy that while most Republican and Democratic lawmakers are united against Putin, this illustrates the steep partisan divide on the probes into the Trump campaign's alleged collusion with Russian Federation.

"Without leadership from the President, any attempt to marshal such a response will be inherently weakened at the outset", it says.

The Republican Party would rather allow Putin's destruction of USA democracy than deal with a Trump outburst.

Given that the United States regards India as a close friend and partner, but views both Russian Federation and China as adversaries, it was not immediately clear why President Trump mentioned all three countries in the same vein, except perhaps for the fact that all three are large nations and Washington should be working with each of them. "When you have that ambiguity, you don't have the consistency, you don't have all the strategy to protect the country [coming] from the President". The former official also indicated that Harrington might not have pressed the proposal further because of the probability that the current National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster would have opposed it. Never before has the White House so clearly ignored a national security threat. "This Administration has no higher priority than protecting the national security and public safety of the United States".

Another politician from the Communist Party Dmitry Novikov said: "The US authorities have always been absorbed in their own game of interfering in Russian internal affairs".

We know for sure that the Russians did launch an attack in order to sabotage our 2016 election.

The administration points to its sanctions on Russia, decision to send arms to Ukraine, closure of Russian diplomatic properties, the pursuit of Russian and Russia-linked cybercriminals, and work to secure election infrastructure, among other steps. Ben Cardin of Maryland, rolled out the study during a week in which he and compatriots are taking the offense against Trump amid the sprawling Russian Federation imbroglio.

Russian lawmakers have hit out at the US after Washington D.C. City Council voted to rename a street in front of the Russian Embassy after a murdered dissident.

According to the report, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has welcomed Russian propaganda in his eastern-European country, as "it aligns with the themes that he promotes", such as being anti-EU, anti-US and anti-migrant.

It also stresses the need to help European allies reduce their dependence on Russian energy supplies.

The lack of bipartisan support for the report is disappointing, said Daniel Fried, a former senior career State Department official and Russian Federation expert who consulted on portions of the report. "So this is not an effort to exclude one party".