Rumour: Deadpool director developing a Kitty Pryde X-Men spinoff movie

Rumour: Deadpool director developing a Kitty Pryde X-Men spinoff movie

Gambit is also being pushed back, moving from 14 February 2019 to 7 June 2019.

Most shocking, though, is that Josh Boone's horror-tinged version of New Mutants, starring Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams, has moved from April 13 to February 22... of 2019.

That being said, Miller is now prepping his Terminator reboot with James Cameron, and presumably once he's finished with that, Disney and Marvel Studios will have made their decision as to how they plan to handle the X-Men moving forward.

On the heels of this morning's news that Gore Verbinski has dropped out of directing Fox's long-developed Gambit movie, the studio has revealed a new slate of release date shakeups, giving Gambit, Untitled Deadpool Sequel, and The New Mutants new release dates. The New Mutants is the first X-Men film to step into the horror genre as it draws influence from New Mutants No. 18.

What are the reasons for these delays exactly?

The "X-Men" Kitty Pryde film will also be one of the few times one of the franchise's characters received standalone films with the others being the critically lauded "Logan", and the upcoming "X-Men: Dark Phoenix". Additionally, New Mutants was pushed to 2019 while Deadpool 2 has moved up a couple of weeks. There are a lot of theories going around about why the move was made, including the idea that it was moved into 2019 so it would have more room to breath. Even so, fans can be forgiven for feeling just a little jittery. As such, it seems increasingly likely that any Kitty Pryde film would have to come out under the new owners, possibly bringing the mutant into the main Marvel continuity. 20th Century Fox didn't want its two movies competing against one another.