Sen. Bennet Urges Jeff Sessions to Rescind Overreaching Marijuana Guidance

Sen. Bennet Urges Jeff Sessions to Rescind Overreaching Marijuana Guidance

"Legal marijuana has become so entrenched in the US - it's a multibillion-dollar industry - and I don't see the people who are behind this, people like myself, rolling over for the Justice Department, which means Congress will have to act", Morse said.

In Nevada, where recreational use is legal, the business of marijuana is extremely profitable to many local areas.

That survey and another conducted by Strategic Marketing & Research Insight group showed that "recreational cannabis is of limited interest to USA leisure travelers and is not a motivator of travel to a destination", Wooden said. His unwelcome revival of the war on drugs will last at least as long as the attorney general does.

But the change will undoubtedly create some confusion and an uneven landscape, said John Walsh, the former USA attorney for Colorado appointed by Obama who left the office in 2016.

"Given the Department's well-established general principles, previous nationwide guidance specific to marijuana is unnecessary and is rescinded, effective immediately", stated the memo. They hoped to avoid a patchwork of prosecution strategies, Walsh said.

Costello said he is concerned about the uncertainty of enforcement the directive creates in states all over the country.

We'd all be better off if the federal government left this national drug experiment to the laboratory of the states. The goal, he said, was to encourage a tightly regulated industry letting legitimate businesses operate but keeping cartels and gangs out. "And, sure this is was a heavily debated issue, something that I've already said that I opposed but the people of Colorado spoke and they spoke loudly".

The change, he said, removes "clarity and consistency" for an industry that depended on it.

The Back Porch, a "Premier Cannabis Retailer" in Wenatchee says they're not too anxious about Sessions revoke of the Cole Memo.

"You can still be drug tested, and you could still be fired by your employer", she said. Trump could nominate a replacement at any time or decide to keep Troyer, a career prosecutor and attorney. Sessions, however, is shown making the statement, "Good people don't smoke marijuana", and a Newsweek headline seen in the video refers to the Attorney General's "war against legal marijuana". MA and ME have also passed laws for sales of recreational use but they have yet to go in effect. They cite the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which says states have all powers that the constitution does not delegate to the U.S. government or deny them.

President Barack Obama instituted policy that prevented federal law enforcement from interfering with the sale and consumption of marijuana in states where it was legal.

"Rescinding the Cole Memorandum threatens patients' access to life-saving medication and thwarts restoration of communities most impacted by cannabis prohibition, while jeopardizing the careers of over 150,000 full-time cannabis industry employees and the collection of billions of dollars in valuable tax revenues", said Nelson Guerrero, co-founder of the Cannabis Cultural Association.

Colorado state leaders are fighting for marijuana business protections.

Frank added that "as a general rule, the US Attorney's Office for the District of ME will follow long-established principles to prosecute federal crime, including to combat the current drug crisis".

Part of the reason that pot tourism isn't likely to take off quickly in any of the places where recreational marijuana is now legal - Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Washington, D.C. - is because of some of the complications surrounding where and how people can consume it.

"If this is in any way accompanied by a changing of the guard through the appointment of very conservative, anti-marijuana candidates, that's a red flag", he said. In response to this new prosecution stance, Mr.Gardner "will stand in the way of every nomination the Justice Department sends to the Senate", the article said.