Skype Finally Testing End-to-End Encryption to Compete with WhatsApp

Skype Finally Testing End-to-End Encryption to Compete with WhatsApp

Skype Insiders can navigate to the Compose menu and select "New Private Conversation" to get started.

You can drop us a line or two if you have had the opportunity of using the new end-to-end encryption launched by Microsoft. Once the contact accepts your invite, the Private Conversation will be available to you only on that specific device.

Microsoft is rolling out to Skype Insider testers a preview of the coming end-to-end encrypted private conversation feature.

This works the same as a regular chat.

After you're done talking, you can delete the Private Conversation if you believe it's not worth keeping. You will receive a confirmation window to end the conversation.

This means that you will have to enter into the "Private Conversations" mode with whomever you want to have an encrypted conversation with. Now these conversations are limited to two people at a time. According to Microsoft, preview messages from Private Conversations will not show in chats or notifications, users can not edit a message and Private Conversations themselves are tied to a specific device, requiring a new invitation to be sent and accept to be accessed on another device.

During the preview, you will only be able to start private conversations with other Skype Insiders also running the latest version, and these interactions are limited to one-to-one conversations. Moreover, users can't edit a message or forward a file. Full encryption covers audio messages, text chat and files but is not implemented for standard audio and video calling.

Bear in mind that only a single device can be used with each conversation, the post said. A new invitation must be sent and accepted, to change to another device.