Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been hit with a major lawsuit

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been hit with a major lawsuit

The complaint was filed on Wednesday (Jan. 10) in NY federal court by ex-Thirsty Merc guitarist Sean Carey and keyboardist-producer Beau Golden, who say the McGraw/Hill work "The Rest of Our Life", released through Arista Nashville in 2017, is "blatant copying" of their own 2014 piece "When I Found You", performed by Jasmine Rae and released by ABC Records.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Ed Sheeran and others are involved in a lawsuit filed Wednesday (Jan. 10) in a NY federal court over the song "The Rest of Our Life".

Australian singer Jasmine Rae released When I Found You under her name in 2015, and it was the most played song on Australian country radio, according to the complaint, filed in the US District Court in NY.

"The copying is, in many instances, verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of the Song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer", states the complaint. The song's other co-writers are Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac.

The plaintiffs claim that Holland shared Rae's "When I Found You" with the defendants "in an effort to gain exposure for Ms. Rae and promote her work".

"Specifically, "When I Found You" and "The Rest Of Our Life" are substantially similar in bars 1-8 of both songs", the lawsuit says.

According to Carey and Golden, the song has reached over 150,000 streams on Spotify.

It's also been alleged that employees of Sony Music knew about the similarities between the two songs months before "The Rest Of Our Life" was released.

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The plaintiffs are asking for a judge to award a permanent injunction blocking the use of the song, and are seeking at least $5 million in monetary damages, according to the newspaper.

The complaint, which was filed on Wednesday (January 10), alleges that the 2014 song was knowingly ripped off.

There's also a relationship tie between Sony and "When I Found You" performer Jasmine Rae, according to the lawsuit.

McGraw, Hill and Sheeran are yet to respond to the suit. Rae is not part of the lawsuit.

Jasmine's boyfriend, Tim Holland, was a marketing manager for Sony.

As an alternative theory, the plaintiffs stated that Sheeran was "touring extensively" across Australia when the track "When I Found You" was being played frequently on the radio.

The legal action is being led by lawyer Richard Busch, who has become something of a trailblazer in this area, since successfully convincing a jury that Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" was a total rip-off of Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up" in 2015.