2-Minute Drill: NFL Divisional Round Picks

2-Minute Drill: NFL Divisional Round Picks

While the two games on Saturday haven't moved off their original numbers, the two games on Sunday have shown slight line movement. In my predictions for the Wild Card round, I called out Marcus Mariota, and boy did he prove me wrong in the second half of that game. He spoke anonymously - "probably best if you don't run a name with this" - and cautioned about his picks "don't bet the college fund for the kids on what I'm saying" - but this general manager sits with his team out of the playoffs and eager to watch the Divisional Round. I realize it was a huge comeback for the Titans last Saturday. Don't sleep on Matt Ryan and his bunch.

Prior to the Falcons' Wild Card Weekend win in L.A., the consensus had them as one- to two-point favorites in this matchup. That is a team that is clicking at the right time, no? One was in the playoffs for the first time in 13 years with a first-year coach and second-year quarterback at the helm. I do think he can do enough to win (or at least not lose) this game.

The Eagles, who won the NFC East with a 13-3 record but are missing injured star quarterback Carson Wentz, hold an 18-14-1 all-time record against the Falcons, with their last win coming in 2016. How this spread is staying below two touchdowns is beyond me, but I'm glad it is. I keep hearing that the Eagles will shutdown the run and make them one dimensional. Do you back the home teams or the road teams?

Of course the Patriots are still the far superior team, and given time to adjust over the course of the game, Bill Belichick vs. Mike Mularkey presents a colossal mismatch.

Derrick Henry gives them a chance. Not those who are just over hyped band wagoners from ealry in the season, I mean those who felt that this was "their" season. Not bad. The games this week seem a bit more easy to predict, but we all know how playoff football can go. This team plays with a unique swagger that reminds me of a young Seattle Seahawks team, and against the Carolina Panthers they showed why their offense is so risky.

If Bortles puts together even a halfway-decent performance, the Jags should make this a much tougher game than some expect. The Saints are more balanced this season, ranking fourth in scoring offense and 10th in scoring defense. They have not lost consecutive home playoff games since doing so in 1988 against the Redskins and 1993 against the Bears. This team will be ready. The offense has gone into the tank without Wentz, and Philadelphia is averaging4.3 yards per play,1.9 punts per offensive score and is converting on only23.7 percent of third downs in its last three games. His job as the quarterback is always hard in terms of the preparation for the opponent, and he knows how much time and effort that takes to be ready to play against a really good team. Last week we saw the Bills (surprised?), Chiefs, Panthers, and Rams get eliminated. If that 30-9 Jaguars win isn't enough to convince you, consider this: two reliable predictors of National Football League team performance arePythagorean Win Expectancy and Net Yards Per Play - and Jaguars rank first and second, respectively, in each of those categories.

With running back Dion Lewis also making big contributions as of late, the Patriots are well-equipped to finish things off with six points once they get into the red zone. He did it without a true running game too.