Detective Pikachu Game Announced for Western Release

Detective Pikachu Game Announced for Western Release

It was announced today that Detective Pikachu will be released as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive in the us and Europe on March 23. In addition to all the content from the previous game, the West is also getting further content that rounds out the story.

Detective Pikachu will be available for the 3DS on March 23, alongside a larger-than-average Amiibo figure of the Poke-Sleuth that'll allow players to view short video clips known as Pika Prompts. The game originally launched in Japan on February 26th, 2016.

The mystery-solving Pikachu we've been waiting for is finally leaving its Japan-only status behind and coming to the West this spring. The game focuses on the player, who works with a talking Pikachu detective in order to solve a mystery happening in their town.

For real, though, the core gameplay loop of Detective Pikachu is to gather clues from crime scenes, use them to develop a lead and continue to pursue justice in the name of Pokemon kind. Bizarrely, Pikachu cannot only speak English, but has a somewhat gruff demeanour and a penchant for guzzling coffee.

The game also features an Easy Mode, where the title character will provide handy hints on what to do or where to go next. The Detective Pikachu amiibo is almost double size of the average pikachu amiibo. Are you more interested in watching the Detective Pikachu movie?

After almost two years of waiting, hoping, and plenty of memes, Detective Pikachu is finally getting a Western release. The amiibo is about twice the size of a regular amiibo. Last month, actor Ryan Reynolds signed on to star in a movie based on the game, which begins filming in early 2018. Except, y'know, starring a surly detective-hat-wearing Pikachu who talks in full sentences.