Google Duo now allows you to call people without the app installed

Google Duo now allows you to call people without the app installed

Google was keen to add that the issue doesn't exploit vulnerabilities in Android security, and that users' devices weren't affected.

"Should the user press the notification of "Remove Virus Now" he is redirected to an app in the Google Play Store with a somewhat questionable connection to virus removal", said the researchers in an analysis.

Android users should make sure they download apps from known developers and parents of young users are urged to download apps from Google's family program.

Google said on Friday: "We've removed the apps from Play, disabled the developers' accounts, and will continue to show strong warnings to anyone that has installed them". Numerous apps are games reportedly geared toward young children.

Google took down 60 gaming applications after security firm Check Point said it had discovered new malicious software in the apps available to both children and adults at Google Play Store.

In this case, the hidden code inside the offending apps, dubbed AdultSwine, will either show pornographic ads from a third-party server or through the code's own ad library, Check Point said. Then there were some ads that tried to trick the user into giving up their phone number by telling them that they had won a prize.

On the scareware front, AdultSwine displays an ad that claims the user's device is infected by a virus. Google installs Play Services on all Android powered smartphones and while people might not have any idea what this app does, its actually plays an important role in the Android ecosystem.

The code could even do more damage, as Check Point noted that AdultSwine "also has a potentially much wider range of malicious activities that it can pursue, all relying on the same common concept".

Check Point has a full list of apps which were affected by the malicious AdultSwine code, including Five Nights Survival Craft and a "Mcqueen Car Racing Game" made to look like a Pixar's Cars movie game, among many others.

According to a report, Google Allo supports App Preview Messaging since launch with a different UI.