Red Cross issues urgent call for blood donations following severe winter weather

Red Cross issues urgent call for blood donations following severe winter weather

"We're asking donors to help us have a strong recovery from the cold snap to help make sure we can provide a steady blood supply for our local hospitals".

The bitterly cold start to the New Year has resulted in a critical shortage of blood donations, and the American Red Cross is now urging the public to roll up its sleeves and help out.

2018 has been a very busy year for first-responders and the American Red Cross nationwide.

Eddie Scott, account manager of donor recruitment for the American Red Cross Northern New England Region Blood Service said the Red Cross' most critical time for blood is between December 21 and January 7 because donations plummet with people distracted by the holidays or trying to tie up loose ends at work before the start of the new year.

Severe winter weather with snow storms and frigid temperatures has had a tremendous impact on blood donations.

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American Red Cross asks for blood donations nationwide

Scott said the goal of Suster's drive was to filled 78 or 79 donor slots and successfully collect 60 donations of blood.

There are a dozen days open for blood donations at the Sonora Blood Donation Center beginning on Friday through the end of the month.

Many different types of patients, ranging from burn victims, to those suffering from Leukemia, may all require blood to help save their lives. RapidPass can now be completed on mobile devices and through the Blood Donor App.

The only requirements to donate blood are a minimum age of 17, good health and a minimum donor weight of 110 pounds. O blood is the most common blood type.

All blood types are needed, especially O-negative, which is universal and can be used for anyone. "It only comes from volunteer blood donors".