Iranian oil tanker sinks one week after collision

Iranian oil tanker sinks one week after collision

All 32 crew members on board an Iranian oil tanker that caught fire on January 6 after colliding with a freighter off China's east coast are dead.

"Currently it has already sunk", CCTV said, citing the Shanghai maritime search and rescue centre.

Dramatic photos of the scene showed tall flames raging on board the ship, which was carrying nearly a million barrels of crude oil. It showed video of a tower of billowing black smoke and flames on the surface of the water.

The Administration said it would expand the scope of its monitoring and "quickly ascertain the spread and drift of overflowing oil" from the wrecked ship.

The body of one crew member was found three or four miles from the tanker two days after the collision.

This is the latest of dozens of shipping accidents in the region, with the area dubbed "the new Bermuda Triangle", because of the number of ships that founder there.

He said that due to repeated explosions and gas leaks, rescue teams were unable to extinguish the fire on the vessel and recover the bodies.

Mahmoud Rastad, the chief of Iran's maritime agency, told Iranian state TV: 'There is no hope of finding survivors among the 29 members of the crew'.

In a Sunday telephone conversation with the Iranian Labor Minister Ali Rabei who is in China, Jahangiri called for closer coordination with China, South Korea and Japan to speed up the rescue operation at the site of the blazing Iranian oil tanker.