Klipsch speakers to soon get Alexa and Google Assistant support

Klipsch speakers to soon get Alexa and Google Assistant support

At CES this year, we were treated to a barrage of smart home devices, some of which was powered by Amazon's Alexa digital assistant platform, and some of it powered by Google Assistant.

The partnerships are important for Google as it tries to catch up with Amazon in the new category of smart speakers that both play music and function as voice-controlled electronic assistants.

That's also the case with Google's smart displays, which for the most part uses visuals as a supplement to the voice-driven Google Assistant.

Aside from the Lenovo Smart Display and the JBL LINK View, here's the LG WK9 that offers built-in Chromecast and the Google Assistant.

Google has wallpapered the streets of Las Vegas with the words "Hey Google" during CES and Google has installed a twirling slide and a ball pit in the convention center parking lot to attract attendees.

One major reason that smart speakers sold so well during the holiday is that the devices were deeply discounted.

Now that you know the Klipsch speakers that will support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, would you be buying any of these products this year?

Alexa is the most widely used of the new voice assistants, though Google Home is rapidly picking up momentum and Apple is expected to launch its own system in the months ahead.

Lenovo's version of the smart display will come with an 8-inch screen for $200 or a 10.1-inch screen for $250. The technology was packed into a variety of smart home products, ranging from speakers and radios through to lamps and vacuum ... Now called Actions, these skills will appear in their own section of the Google Assistant app.

But as we've seen at CES, manufacturers think the market is hungry for more smart stuff. And it's understandable, Google it's the most known company in the whole world. That's not to say that there is nothing you can do, there are three key things that retailers can do to take advantage of the rise of the voice assistant.

According to sources close to the matter, Google is toying with the idea of launching a revamped online store in February.

"One simple command like "Bixby I'm on my way home", [and] you're setting your air conditioner to the right temperature, my garage door is going to open, I turn my lights on to what I want". About 45 million people in the United States will use smart speakers in 2018, research firm EMarketer estimates, and Amazon has about two-thirds of the US market.