Man kills mother after video game tantrum

Man kills mother after video game tantrum

Northern California authorities have detained a man on suspicion of murdering his mother with a gunshot over a wrecked video game headset.

Investigators told KCRA that 28-year-old Matthew Nicholson was alone in his room late Thursday when he started yelling out in anger after losing a video game.

A 28-year-old man has allegedly killed his mother after a video game tantrum.

"It was the father calling to report that the son had shot his wife in the head", Ceres Police Sgt. Greg Yotsuya said, according to a report by KTXL.

Nicholson allegedly broke the headset to his game, blamed his mom and threatened to kill her and his father.

The victim's daughter, Autumn, says that Lydia Nicholson worked in local schools for decades and that she and her husband Loren Nicholson had been married for 32 years.

Police say he grabbed a nearby handgun that was in the Nicholson home and shot two rounds into the wall, then shot his mother in the head. "Then grabbed a gun and started shooting".

Police: Man Shoots, Kills Own Mother After Argument Over Video Game
Ceres man kills mother after argument over video game, police say

The suspect fled in a vehicle to the home of a family member in Riverbank, where officers spotted his auto and stopped him.

"I understand that he would've killed the father too, but the gun jammed".

Nicholson's father was able to wrestle the gun away, police say.

Ms Nicholson was rushed to hospital, where she soon died.

While Loren Nicholson called police at around 9:48 p.m., his child fled the scene and headed to his sister's home in Riverbank, the nearby news station announced.

He was booked on a homicide charge and is being held in the Stanislaus County Jail without bail.